"You have to know the past to understand the present "

These days, we normally know our grandparents and may have heard the names of our great-grandparents before. We usually do not know any further names. But who were these people? Maybe we have the same nose? Maybe the same taste for food, or love the rain or horses? Maybe we inherited the way of walking from them?


I look similar to both my mom and my dad. My dad looks very similar to my grandpa and in old photos I see similarities to his parents, my great-grandparents. But they have inherited their appearance from their ancestors. Also individual characteristics, behaviors and attitudes are passed on from generation to generation. So, who were these people? From whom have I inherited my appearance, my characteristics and my preferences? I research their data, their lives and tell their stories.


I can do research for hours and nights, I try to decipher the chatter of church books or passenger lists, compare dates and look for old addresses. Every new insight makes my love of genealogy grow. But the data is not enough for me. I keep looking, trying to understand and illustrate her life.